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21-day transformative learning experience at the retreat center for heart-centered innovators, creators, and spiritual practitioners.


We invite you to carve out a place for yourself in the new economy. We acknowledge you for moving through the discomfort and uncertainty that often comes with building a life for yourself around who you are and what you believe.

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On the path of manifestation - on the path to realizing the emerging future - will you acquiesce back to the gravitational pull? Or, as you earn access to these defining moments will you breakthrough into another dimension? The world is about to turn its head to hear what you have to say. Are you ready?

Transformation happens here.

The learning experience in Costa Rica this July is designed using the transformation cycle known as The Four Movements.


Each movement is broken down into sets of days that are themed to suit your needs.

Community Movement Innovation Movement Impact Movement

Worldbuilders threads together a series of facilitated spiritual experiences over the course of three weeks to invite you to carefully nurture yourself from where you are to where, how, and why you are evolving.

How it Works

Worldbuilders is curating world-class experts from Costa Rica and around the world to come together for 21 days to serve you.

To ensure the July program is accessible to resident innovators of Costa Rica, a scholarship fund has been established with a foundation owned by the Costa Rican government, FundaciĆ²n Leamos, that is dedicated to nurturing artists, educators, and innovators who serve the Costa Rican community. To be considered for a scholarship, submit your app by Sunday, June 27th.

About Worldbuilders

Worldbuilders is a movement of heart-centered innovators in cities around the world who are transforming institutions from within by co-creating products and services that lead to profound systemic innovations impacting the way we live, work, love, and play.

The intention of Worldbuilders is to establish an interconnected network of local communities around the world to share knowledge and wisdom; establish fair trade of global resource exchange; and co-lead programs with residents and governments of countries around the world.

Worldbuilders believes that each community - each human - already has everything it needs within. Worldbuilders is dedicated to uncovering this underutilized potential and collectively transmuting it into income-producing assets.

Imagine a world where we transform our circumstances into meaningful opportunities. Where we wake up excited to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Where we cultivate superpowers like empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and imagination to elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward. This is the world we imagine.