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In 2009, we learned how to discover a cultural breakthrough while immersed in cohorts within the Culture Lab of our university. We learned to use new media and technology to analyze the complexity of the social fabric of which we began to sew ourselves into. 12 years later, this experience became the backbone of the learning ecosystems for communities today.

In 2010, we were invited to design the curriculum for, and teach, undergraduates what we were learning in the community. This is when we learned to bring the breakthrough into meaningfully transformative learning experiences.

In 2011, we learned to improve the learning experience by focusing energy on the way we craft the assets within the experience. We noticed that by hand-crafting the digital assets it allowed us to build variations of learning experiences. As if we were building with Lego blocks that we created.

In 2012, this naturally evolved into learning how to build adaptable curriculum that changes based on the way each learner interacts with the world we design with them.

Timeline coming soon.

Sacred Venture (SV) is a social enterprise that builds social enterprises, collectives of social enterprises, and facilitate community conversations spacious enough to hold all perspectives.

We do this in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, and more soon. For questions, please contact support@sacredventure.com