“I remember the first time in solitary confinement. I was 16 years old.”

“I remember my first time in solitary confinement. I was 16 years old. I met more of myself when I was there, in my cell, alone and in silence. It became quite aparent that there is not much else other than that which exists from within. On the first night, I felt the residue of a painful past begin to simmer like water boiling for tea.

It wasn’t long – by the second night – the pain began exercising itself from my body as I cried, rather, screamed, histerically, night after night. This continued for the first few weeks until there was nothing left. Except, of course, the future healing that would get to take place from the experience itself.

Soon, the fear that seemed to always linger around me since from when I can remember, it began to subside. Perhaps it was still present, but I began to see more clearly now.”

-Creator of a Cultural Breakthrough

It is interesting to find more stories like the above. It seems as if what is first perceived as a shameful secret can evolve into that person’s unique differentiator.

Product concepts are being discovered by creators looking within themselves. Some evolve into great companies born in the darkest moments of the founder’s personal life experiences.

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