Find the others. Align on a purpose for change. Immerse yourself in the community, establish credibility, build trust, sew yourself into the cultural fabric, and identify the themes of unmet needs.

Find the others who believe what you believe. As you get to know yourself better you are building the capacity for deeper relationships. Cultivate empathy and compassion through storytelling to intimately be with your team and your customers.

Create, and participate in safe, organic spaces for connection w others aligned on a personal level. Show up for others. Invest a lot of time in listening. Let the information sink in. Ask questions like, “What do you need? How may I support you? Where do we have shared pains? Are we ready to move towards potential solutions?”

Sacred Venture (SV) is a social enterprise that builds social enterprises, collectives of social enterprises, and facilitate community conversations spacious enough to hold all perspectives.

We do this in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, and more soon. For questions, please contact