Module 0 is like a fresh baked loaf of bread.

To truly understand the essence of a ‘module 0.0’, I want you to think of a loaf of bread.

Not just any bread.

A fresh baked loaf of bread.

Wait, there’s more.

A fresh baked loaf of bread that was just pulled out of the oven.

Think about what it feels like to anticipate the taste of that yummy bread. Especially that first bite. It’s all warm and toasty. Maybe some jam or butter (or probably both) made their way to hang out on top of that first bite.

This is what I call a ‘super bite’.

More bites need to reach this level. And that’s what today’s lesson is about – creating and eating super bites.

Just playing 🙂

Okay. Now, for serious.

I want you to think about your course.

I know. Major buzz kill. Trust me, I would love to continue dreaming about that fresh bread.

When you think about the impact your introductory module for your course will have on a learner, I want you to think about what it feels like when you smell that fresh bread baking in the oven. Now, I want you to think about what that first bite tastes like all warm and fluffy.

Your intro module is just like that very first bite of the fresh baked loaf of bread.

If I didn’t know it was bread – if it looked like a blanket, for example – I wouldn’t know I could eat it. If it didn’t smell good, if it didn’t look good, if it didn’t do all the things I wanted from it AND more…would I eat the bread?

Well, yes, if I was hungry I probably would. Actually, even if I wasn’t hungry I probably would have at least one super bite.

This isn’t about me, though 🙂

To prepare your course for the next phase, here’s a question to think about that may influence potential design improvements,

“How might you work with the other bread makers (project stakeholders) to make this next loaf of bread (module 0) so irresistible (we promise a solution to one of their unsolvable problems) that when you take it out of the oven, the bread is instantly devoured, and leaves the people in a stronger state of desire than they were prior to tasting the yummy goodness?”

That’s how you should view module 0.

Maybe…don’t eat your module.

Just so we’re clear.

There will be no eating of the modules.

Just bread.

That’s all for now. Actually, one more thing. We share educational articles like this one about bread through email. Get notified when we post new articles about growing heart-centered ventures, how to be with your customers, and new ways to eat all the yummy snacks along the way.

I’m here sending you loving energy from a distance.


Daniel D.

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